Thursday, 6 December 2012

Now it CAN be Xmas every day!

Christmas always starts for me when I first hear the strains of Wizzard's modern day carol tinkling out of the radio. You know the one I mean: 'I wish it could be Xmas every day'. All together now......
When the snowman brings the snow
Well he just might like to know
He's put a great big smile, on somebody's face
If you jump into your bed
Quickly cover up your head
Don't you lock the doors
You know that sweet Santa Claus in on the way

Well I wish it could be Christmas, every day
When the kids start singing and the band begins to play
Oh, I wish it could be Christmas, every day
Let the bells ring out for Christmas
Only the most stony hearted of curmudgeons would not agree with the sentiments expressed by Roy Wood and his merry minstrels. Don't we all wish it could be Xmas every day? I know I do and I've come up with an idea that will prolong the yuletide magic for a full 365 days and beyond. I'm calling the prototype FestiPlas.
Imagine keeping a momento of Xmas forever! Imagine being able to gaze on a symbol of festive fun in the middle of a wet and soggy August day! FestiPlas allows you to do exactly that. The holiday season icon of your choice (a mince pie and a bowl of sprouts are shown as typical examples) can be embalmed for permanence and embedded in a solid acrylic plastic display suitable for keeping on your desk, in your kitchen or on top of your TV. Its final location is limited only by your imagination. Whenever, and wherever, you look at your FestiPlas momento, you’ll be reminded of all those great times you had around the light-bedecked tree with your family and friends.

As the photographs above show, I've been successful at making a couple of trial products. I've conducted a small survey and have given myself some really exciting and positive feedback. I'm convinced there's a market for FestiPlas: it's a true symbol of the ingenuity of the British entrepreneur, like what I am. Dragon's Den here I come - unless someone wants to make me an offer for the patent before Theo Paphlatulence or one of the others jumps in? You know where I can be contacted.

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