Sunday, 16 April 2017

Pigs 2017: An ending and a beginning

"Pigs again this year?" came the question. And the answer is "yes".  Coincidentally we've just completed a collective homage to last year's group with a special Pig Lunch at Langman's Restaurant in Callington. The chef, Anton Buttery, devised a one-off menu for us using parts of the pig that we would not normally eat and parts that had been in the freezer since the slaughter. A copy of the menu is shown below and featured such delicacies (?) as crispy ears, crispy head, 'quaver' skin, cheeks, sweetbreads, black pudding made with a hint of snout and some crackling. All that plus some 'standard' belly and tenderloin. It was a delicious meal and a fitting tribute to both Anton's culinary skills and our expertise at pig raising.
The menu, unique in the true sense of the word.
Just the one photograph as my camera-phone was playing up. This is the black pudding course.
A couple of days after the meal and a working party spent a few hours getting the pig field ready for the next set of occupants - eleven of the beauties due to be picked up from Penzance on May 3rd. We are going with the same breed and the same supplier. Why change a winning combination?
I'll give the pigs about two weeks to root their way through all this new grass.

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