Sunday, 16 July 2017

With a little help from Photoshop

Over the years I've accumulated lots of old family photographs, the subjects of most of which are completely unknown. Why, oh, why, didn't people write names on the back of their photographs? One such is that above ostensibly from the Parsons side of the family. The original was very faded and the image a little unclear. But after a good digital wash and brush-up with Photoshop, what appears is a quite charming Victorian/Edwardian photograph of a woman and a child with a hoop. Is it my Great Aunty Minnie with one of her daughters? I don't think we'll ever know for sure but it is a poignant moment in time. Why I thought the image could be improved I don't really understand but I handed the digital file over to an acquaintance of mine (a certain Pierre-Auguste Renoir) who has a reputation as something of a colourist to see what he could do with it. This is what he came up with.
The result is quite cute but a little gaudy for my tastes. Renoir has added too much blue to her dress and has got rid of poor Great Aunt Min entirely! Amusing as it is, I can't see the colourful result standing the test of time. It looks more like a biscuit-tin than a serious attempt at photographic art. Merde, Photoshop has a lot to answer for.

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