Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Thanks for that, Tories

I can accept that we are leaving the EU. I can accept that the negotiations are going to be complicated. What I can't accept is the way our ruling party is going about it.

You would imagine that by now, some fifteen months after the Brexit vote and about 600 days before the drawbridge goes up, that a resemblance of clarity would have emerged about what was going to happen after we've left. But no, this is Britain. This is the country of muddling through. Only this time the muddle isn’t getting through anything at all: it’s just a directionless disaster. If you thought Brexit was a confused mess last week, this week it’s got even worse. And it doesn’t look like it’s about to get any less confused any time soon. The entire project is as tragic as that driver who crashed and wrote off his £200,000 Ferrari just an hour after buying it. In fact that’s a pretty good description of Brexit. The Leave campaign told the public that it was going to get a bespoke and hand-made luxury Brexit, and then as soon as they’d bought it, they ended up with a car wreck. Thanks for that, Tories.

It turns out that there is, in fact, no such thing as a Brexit which is good for any part of the country. A study from the London School of Economics showed recently that there is no Brexit which is good for any part of the country. It showed that Brexit would seriously damage the economies of all the cities of the UK. Thanks for that, Tories. Thanks for that, Tories.

Brexit represents the greatest realignment in British economic and foreign policy since WW2, and none of the UK parties has the foggiest idea of what they want to achieve from it or how they’re going to implement it. Around every corner lurks some new intractable issue which threatens doom for the entire project. The Tory response to this is to insist that, because they’ve got a British made duvet over their heads, none of the bad things are really going to happen even if duvet is a French word that will be repatriated once new immigration rules come into effect. Labour, for its part, manages to be even more confused and contradictory than the Tories. This is a political achievement of quite some magnitude. The only contest that either Labour or the Tories are winning is the contest to see which has bigger clown shoes. If anyone does have a clear idea of what the Labour party stands for with Brexit, could someone please let the Labour Party know. Meanwhile the Lib Dems do at least have a coherent position on Brexit, insofar as they want another referendum because people aren’t getting what they were told they were going to get. Thanks for that, Tories.

We’re only a couple of months into the Brexit process, and the entire thing remains a confused and angry mess. All of this was brought about by the arrogance of British exceptionalism, by Little England nationalism masquerading as a great power, by racism and xenophobia stoked up by right wing politicians, and by the party political manoeuvrings of the Tory party. This is not the Britain the Tories told us we'd get. We were promised the broad shoulders of the UK, we were promised the safety and security of one of the world’s biggest economies. What we're getting is a befuddled muddle. Those in the winning side of the EU referendum of 2016 will go down in history as the biggest political liars in British history, and their lies will bring about the downfall of the UK. Thanks for that, Tories.

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