Saturday, 29 September 2012

Autumn in New England: Part 2

Churchill House Inn in the Spring
 From Burlington to Brandon today heading north-west and driving through New Hampshire into Vermont. Raining most of the time but this did not detract from the scenery. It looks like we've hit the leaf season just right and I think we'll be seeing some pretty amazing colours. What we saw today in terms of shades of red, purple and brown could be a good taster of what is to come. The colours are far more varied and vibrant than what we see in the UK. Down to variety of trees and climate?

As well as scenery, the theme of the day was 'food'. Ranging from breakfast at the hotel through lunch at Peter Christian's Pub in New London to dinner at our B & B (the Churchill House Inn in Brandon), we have eaten too much! But it was worth it, albeit transiently. I reaquainted myself with root beer: two in one day and that's probably my quota for the stay. It's an acquired taste and not one that I'm ambitious to develop. Nice flavour but far too sweet for my palate.

Tomorrow morning after breakfast (more food!) we meet our guide and start walking - I think we are heading for the intriguing sounding Blueberry Mountain. It's far too late in the season to expect the eponymous berry but I'll be keeping my eyes open for whatever the woods have to offer. Fingers crossed for good weather.

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