Friday, 16 November 2012

Dartmoor.....again! The years roll by.

8000 year old stone rows on White Tor
In my 8th November posting I mentioned the walk my IWC and I had in preparation for a day out with friends on Dartmoor. That day came yesterday.

1000 years of people in a row
One of the joys of Dartmoor is the fact that the same route is different every time you walk it. The weather and light may be different, the foliage greener (or browner), more or fewer sheep or cows in the fields...etc. The enjoyment, however, is a constant factor. And so it was when we repeated this particular route. Panoramas all the way around and time with friends. We may be getting somewhat long in the tooth but we can still tackle a rugged path. Long may it continue.

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