Thursday, 29 November 2012

The real thing - Xmas ads on TV?

The season to be merry is approaching and the TV ads are coming thick and fast. And what an image of how we spend our Christmas they portray. They can't really think that we believe the tosh they peddle, can they? The BBC's website ran a feature today on seven myths often perpetrated by these seasonal offerings. They were interesting enough to comment on: 

1.  It always snows.
Not in Cornwall. It will be wet and miserable down here. In the rest of the country, the chances of a white Christmas are pretty slim. Anyway, can someone tell me what's so wonderful about snow on the 25th December? It's cold, it's wet and turns to slush. Such joy!

2.  Mums do everything.
In some households, yes, but not in every one. What an archaic and sexist portrayal of gender roles. 

3.  Everyone is happy.
So much so that the Samaritans always have to put on extra staff for the Christmas period. And heaven preserve us from board games and charades. 

4.  Nobody spends Christmas alone.
Rubbish. Lots of people do: some by choice and some by circumstance. There are some very sad people in the second category and many of them are helped by various organisations to have some semblance of a festive time.

5. Everyone has a real Christmas tree.
Cobblers. It seems that the majority of us prefer not to have the trouble of needle drop and sit around gazing at an artificial one. Quite right too: nothing captures the spectacle of Christmas more than a glittering display of fibre optic lights. 

6.  Everybody loves their presents.
Don't get me started on this one. The returns counter at shops around the nation will have long queues on Boxing Day as people rush to take back the presents they don't want. And who can blame them? Just look at the festive excrement polluting the shops at the moment.

7.  People give to charity at Christmas.
Yes and no. Yes, the amount charities get does go up but not by as much as you might think. The spirit of goodwill seemingly does not reach that deep into our wallets and purses. C'mon people: think of others less fortunate than yourselves.

A confession: the Christmas ads really get me in the mood for fun, fun, fun!

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