Wednesday, 24 April 2013

300 Not Out!

This is the 300th posting I've made to my blog. There's nothing particularly significant about this other than the fact that it's a convenient marker. Blogs 1 - 150 were collated into a hard-covered book format and I'm going to do the same with Blogs 151 - 300. I know it's an exercise in vanity publishing but it is a useful way of keeping a record of what I've written. I haven't revisited my first compilation much since it was produced and, quite honestly, I can't remember who has seen it. It's not something that I flash in front of visitors or leave by their bedside as night time reading. Perhaps I should for those people I want to get rid of quickly! 
At the moment, I'm getting around 1000 'hits' a month and this encourages me to continue putting fingers to the keyboard. However I'm not writing for an audience: it's still my way of structuring my thoughts on various topics (plus a few diversions into fantasy and plain daftness!) and doing something from which I get immense pleasure.  Will I hit Blog 450?

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