Thursday, 4 April 2013

A walk from Luckett

A much more local walk today, starting and ending in the car park in Luckett, about 2 miles from home.  The route was elliptical, following the line of the river towards Horsebridge and then tracking around fields through the ancient hamlets of Pempwell, Lidwell and Broadgate.  Unusually for us, no moors and no coast but plenty of views across fields, hedges and Kit Hill.  And stiles of various shapes, sizes and heights!  About 5.5 miles in pleasant but rather chilly conditions.

Just a stream? Not really as this one has been used for centuries to power wheels at various mines and mills along its course and to provide tin via streaming in the 1200s. Ah yes, it's also the site of the world (?) famous Luckett Duck race held each summer. Imagine this scene with about 200 yellow blobs bobbing in the water.
I liked the contrast between the rich green of the holly and the pale green of the lichen. And there are plenty of buds just about to burst - when the weather gets a little warmer.
Daffodils starting to fade but the primroses are now coming into their own on banks.
A seat for someone with very short legs?
This whorl in the bark of a large oak tree caught my eye. As did the deeply embedded piece of stone.  I wonder how long that had been there?
With appropriate permissions, old engine houses can be converted into character dwellings.  This one at Broadgate is well under way and is looking good.
Without planning permission (and I know the saga relating to this one), some engine houses are just being allowed to decay.  It's sad, and unfathomable, that this is allowed to happen even when the owner has submitted reasonable plans for conversion/refurbishment. The arguments have been going on for years and has probably gone passed the point of no return as far as the fabric of the building is concerned.
Strangely appropriate street furniture in Luckett.  Abandon all hope, all ye who live here?

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