Thursday, 16 May 2013

A walk from Bennett's Cross on Dartmoor.

A walk of around 6.5 miles today which had everything that Dartmoor has to offer: Open moorland, tors, Neolithic structures, burial mounds, panoramic views, rabbit warrens, WW2 artefacts, birthday cake (thanks, Hilary!), a mediaeval village, mining in all its forms and rain. We've taken this route before and it's always been an enjoyable walk. Today was no exception.  Brief details are:

*  Start at Bennett's Cross, just passed the Warren House Inn on the Postbridge to Moretonhampstead road.
*  Follow the Two Moors Way around Birch Tor and onto Hookney Tor.

*  Descend to Grimspound Neolithic village/settlement.
*  Ascend to Hameldown Tor and then follow the ridge to Two Barrows.
*  Descend into the Challacombe Valley and head to the mediaeval village of Challacombe.
*  Follow the track through the Vitifer and Golden Dagger Mines and slowly ascend to the starting point at Bennett's Cross.

Well worth doing for the views alone. Despite a few showers, and some hail, the visibility was pretty good considering the conditions.  And now a few photographs to give a flavour of the terrain.

Looking down to Grimspound - around 4000 years old and thought to have been a settlement. the outer wall encloses some 24 hut circles.
Looking back up to Hookney Tor, just about 1500 ft high.
Is this the right way to wear one of these neck scarves?
Don't ask me!
A dark Dartmoor sky - luckily this weather front passed us by relatively unscathed.
Watching the world go by and wondering if that cloud above is heading our way.
If I don't mention it, someone else will. Got back to the car to take off boots and put on something lighter. Found that I had packed the right feet of two different styles of shoes.  A senior moment?


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