Monday, 13 May 2013

Made in Chelsea wins a prize? Good grief.

Glancing cursorily down the list of winners at last night's British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards, I noticed the above category. 'Reality and Constructed Factual'? Never 'eard of it. What's all that about?

Apparently it's a new one to recognise programmes where 'participants are placed in a constructed environment or format and filmed interacting in situations devised by producers'. So now we know. I'd put it a slightly different way: Reality & Constructed Reality = Manipulated TV = Crap

If you think I'm being harsh in my judgement, have you ever seen Made in Chelsea? It really is unwatchable - 30 seconds was enough to make my nose bleed. Avoid it like the bubonic plague. Unless, of course, you need something to rant about.

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