Friday, 14 June 2013

For musciologists everywhere..................

I think I have made an important discovery. For some time now I have been fascinated by a particular variant of spam messages (Yes, I know, what I want is a nice hobby and to get out more). You know the ones? They contain what appears to be a random collection of words and phrases as the wrapping paper around an advert for Viagra or some other universal panacea. The advert is in the form of an image and, as such, doesn't seem to be detected by my spam filters.

 But what of the random words? Who creates these? From whence do they originate? Here is a sample from a message which landed in my in-box this morning.

Ideas percolate Bedouins/Again we switch parts/Thrill gone, seeing my bedroom tricks mysterious/Wins prejudice, naivety and witty innuendo.
The answer to the questions raised came as I wandered (lonely as a cloud) around my veg plot just now. They are all lyrics from Leonard Cohen songs. Granted, in some cases they are lyrics from songs the sainted Leonard hasn't written yet, but the phrases are surely destined for "Ten Sad Songs" or whatever his next CD might be called. Then a second thought struck me. Maybe, just maybe, Sunny Len got his lyrics from a close reading of spam messages rather than the other way around. Could this create an opening for me. I have the lyrics - all I need now is a tune. Where did I put my old mouth organ?

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