Saturday, 15 June 2013

Musical sirs

Leonard Cohen, Joe Bonamassa - all this thinking of pop stars reminded me of a niggle, albeit a very small one, I've had for a while. What in the world possessed those who decide these things to start knighting pop stars? Who is responsible for this nonsense? Admittedly, I used to think that the Beatles were incredibly cool, but, really... Sir Paul? And... Sir Mick Jagger?  And ....Sir Cliff Richard? And....... Sir Tom Jones?

Can you see King Arthur trying to defend Merrie Olde England with a Round Table comprised of Sir Paul, Sir Mick, Sir Cliff, Sir Tom and..... Sir Elton?

And they still haven't ennobled those true aristocrats of the pop world - the Barron Knights. Instead we get some barren knights.....

(PS: the above was written in ignorance that more honours were going to be announced today. Tony Robinson has been knighted: at least Sir Baldrick sounds authentically Arthurian).

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