Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year's Resolution #2: Walk more

We enjoy walking but don't do enough of it. We'll try and change that in 2014 and make a determined effort to make more time for getting out and about.  Despite the bad weather we did manage one 5 mile walk along the coast from the hotel we spent a couple of nights at on the Lizard. It turns out that we managed to fit it in before the rain closed in again.

Now here's a strange thing: I don't often dream but I had a really weird one when we were away. I woke up concerned about Basil D'Olivera and the fact that his commemorative medal was getting tarnished. Basil D'Olivera I can place as he was at the centre of a cricketing controversy during the Apartheid era in pre-Mandela South Africa. But what commemorative medal? And why was it tarnished? Where did all that come from?
The hotel we were staying at - the Polurrian Bay Hotel - just outside of Mullion Cove. In the distance to the left is the complex of buildings associated with Marconi and his first experiments in transatlantic communications. I wonder what he would make of our perpetually wired culture?
The stone column commemorates Marconi
Lots of sea and sky.
A less than impressive photograph of a peregrine falcon hovering over its lunch. It just wouldn't cooperate for a better shot. It always amazes me that they can maintain their positions even when there's a gale blowing.
How do you get into a field with a large bull and a couple of young calves? By crawling under an electrified fence. Perhaps not one of our smarter moves! We beat a hasty retreat.
And there was the ever present mud, mud, glorious mud. You know, there's nothing quite like it for cooling the blood..............
And then it was off to Mousehole to see the Xmas lights in the harbour. Better than we thought even allowing for the fact that the sea monster did not light up.
Well worth visiting - but you'll have to wait until Xmas 2014 because last night was the switch-off for this season.

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