Saturday, 30 January 2016

Chagford Break: Bridges over troubled waters

Just back from a delightful three night break on the outskirts of Chagford, staying at the very pleasant Mill End Hotel (recommended: very comfortable and with great food). We got out and about and, as might be expected from the recent wet weather, we were never far from the sound of running water. And where there's running water, there's generally a bridge. We came across bridges of all shapes, sizes and ages. Here are the ones that prevented us getting wet feet as we walked.
A  mediaeval clapper bridge over the North Teign River, out on Shovel Down. Two massive slabs resting on a central pier.
Just down stream for the previous bridge is the Teign-e-ever bridge of similar vintage. Two single slabs bound by iron bands.
And just up from the other two but over the Wallabrook, just before it enters the North Teign, is this single slab bridge.
Another single slab bridge, this one was over a stream near Ash/Aish/Aysh, depending on what sign we were looking at.
A few miles lower down the North Teign, but reached by a much more circuitous route, is this bridge down in the woods associated with the Gidleigh Park Hotel.
Another day, another walk and we come across this bridge over the Teign just below Castle Drogo. The river looks deceptively calm here but it wasn't that way as it flowed down the rapids.
The famous Fingle Bridge. The present structure dates from the 1700s although there is good evidence that it incorporates something much older.

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