Monday, 12 June 2017

Croatia June 2017: Part 5

Another sunny day and off we went back to Rovinj. Nothing too strenuous, just a potter around the old streets, enjoying the sun and soaking up the ambience. With the weather the way it is back home at the moment, it's best to take the heat and dry when we can. We thought we might not experience it again for quite a while.
The church of St Euphemia dominates the view over the harbour/marina. A busy place and good for people watching. Was I the only person wearing long trousers and a shirt with 'proper' length sleeves? After all, there are sartorial standards to be maintained, even on holiday.
The clear blue Adriatic, shimmering in the sun.
I just liked the symmetry of this line of boats.
I had a double-take when I saw this. Donkey? A little probing shows that, whilst this is not a common dish, it is traditional and is usually a sort of ragu sauce of donkey mince. A dish with a kick? And, no, we didn't try it.
A good illustration of why pottering around the back streets of a town like Rovinj is so enjoyable. A treat for the eyes, and soul, at every turn. I feel sorry for those who can't take pleasure from doing the simple things in life and just live in the moment. 'Mindfulness' in modern parlance, I believe.
And at the next turn we come across this sunlight courtyard. A place to relax and practice mindfulness, perhaps? Or to just sit there enjoying 'being'. 
Yes, it's true, the statue of St Euphemia does move around with the wind. It was pointing in the opposite direction when we were here at the beginning of the week. Wouldn't it be fun to watch it whizz around in high winds? I wonder how fast it can go?
Perhaps he was wondering what to choose from the selection below?
Allsorts, just allsorts. Croatian allsorts look identical to British allsorts. Maybe they are from the UK and the manufacturer is panicking over losing sales when Brexit arrives? I bet Theresa May hasn't given this a thought.
Watersside buildings on the north side of Rovinj. Mr D and I pondered on the practicalities of having to paint the sides of one of these. I'm not sure we came up with a sensible suggestion. Very long ladders resting on the seabed probably wouldn't work.
A Pied Wagtail contemplating taking a dip in the sea. Or was it practising avian mindfulness?

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