Thursday, 14 February 2013

Always an exhibitionist............!!

We know a very talented young actress called Katherine Markwick and this morning she was interviewed on Radio Leeds about a one-woman show she is putting on in Halifax next week.  As on previous occasions we just can't make it to see her perform her show but it has got excellent reviews.  I recorded the interview and you can listen to it below - just after the synopsis of the production.  If you want more information, take a look at the Hot Ice Theatre website here.  I wonder if Ms Markwick could be persuaded to put on a performance down here in sunny Cornwall?  If so, she'd be guaranteed an audience of at least two!

Welcome to Upper Crevice. Which is near to Lower Crevice. Which is near to nowhere. You are guests at Hive Corner, Upper Crevice’s finest (and only) Bed & Breakfast. Carol Carpenter is your hostess. She loves to talk. But as Carol’s stories of local life, local people, and her lengthy marriage unfold, you may begin to suspect that things in Upper Crevice are not as comfortably cosy as first they seem…

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