Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A philematological connection?

I was looking for a particular photograph recently and came across this one of a kissing gate. I can't remember where I took it and I think the reason I took it rests with the rails on the right. They look suspiciously like old railway tracks to me and I was probably intrigued by this example of recycling.

On our walks we pass through many kissing gates and my IWC always insists on a kiss before she lets me through. "Pucker up, boyo, and give me a smackerooni if you want to come this way" is her call whenever we come across one. Admittedly very pleasurable but it does sometimes make for much longer than planned walks.

Being a dewy-eyed and lovestruck innocent, I have always accepted without question my IWC's explanation for using this purely functional object as an excuse for a public display of passion: "Why do you think it's got its name?" is what she's always said. You can imagine my disillusionment when I learnt recently that the true etymology of the name is that the gate merely "kisses" (touches) the enclosure either side, rather than needing to be securely latched. But, if she believes otherwise, who am I to disabuse her? I'll just have to continue puckering up!

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