Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rose-in-Vale Break: March 2013: Part 3

Our luck holds with yet another day of good weather. A little breezy at times but for most of our walk the conditions were ideal.  Once more we started off with a bus ride: this time from Godrevy to Portreath (and yet again I paid the price for being bloody minded, as my IWC reminded me. I know, I know - I'll be getting my card this week and then I can travel free. But the principle of my stand against creeping bureaucracy remains valid, albeit misplaced and somewhat puerile).

From Portreath we walked due west back to our starting point. Although there were a few ups and downs, the route followed the cliff edge fairly closely and was not particularly difficult. The distance was about 8 miles and, because of the terrain, did not feel too onerous.  As I said the conditions were very good and the visibility must have been at least 20 miles, giving us some great views of the coastline heading east.

Undergarment warning: those of a nervous disposition are advised to stop reading here. Here's a tip for walking the cliff tops in maximum comfort - thermal long johns. Absolutely wonderful under light weight trousers. Warmth and flexibility - highly recommended but admittedly not a fashionable look.  Does anyone remember Max Wall? That's me, that is!

Good boots, a granola bar and the coastal footpath - 3 of the 4 ingredients of a great day out. The 4th? Who you walk with.

More or less the entire walk, from Portreath on the left to Godrevy in the foreground.

Grey seals on the beach at Mutton Cove near Godrevy Head.  But still no choughs!  Another day, perhaps.

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