Friday, 8 March 2013

Rose-in-Vale Break: March 2013: Part 2

What happened to the weather? A glorious day for walking - dry, clear and warm, but not so warm as to make it uncomfortable. A very pleasant 10/11C by my estimation.

By bus from St Agnes to Perranporth (without my bus pass as I have still to get that - once I move beyond my unreasonable streak of pointless bloody-mindedness - but that's another story) and then back along the coastal footpath due west. Navigation is easy peasy as all that is required is to keep the sea on the right and avoid the cliff edge. Blue sea, blue sky, sea birds, cliffs and a modicum of industrial archaeology all contributed to a very pleasant few hours.  By the time we had finished, we'd done somewhere around 5 - 6 miles, but definitely not at any record breaking pace. There was no need for a route march and we took time to enjoy our surroundings. 

We ended up walking a stretch of a 'hidden' footpath into St Agnes and this gave us a glimpse of the less public face of the village. Extremely pleasant, and with a nice cup of tea at the end!  And absolutely no sign of any choughs.

Looking back towards Perranporth and Penhale Sands (the building in the foreground is a Youth Hostel).
An iconic sight around these parts - a Cornish engine house. This one is called Wheal Friendly and is obviously being well looked after. At one stage we counted 9 or 10 like this in our view.
The terrain we walked through was pock-marked with mine workings and shafts. Many of them have been 'capped' off with conical wire cages rather than being filled with rubble. It is done this way to ensure that the local bat population, which love to roost in old mine workings, are not disturbed. It is, in fact, illegal to do anything that disrupts them.

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