Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Confession time...........

Everyone has dark guilty secrets and I am certainly no exception. Let me tell you about one of mine that I'm particularly ashamed of. It's hard to believe but every now and again I am driven to satisfy my inner Royalist. Sometimes I do this by quietly singing God Save the Queen in my greenhouse, sometimes I do it by wearing my Queen Mother look-alike outfit; other times I do it by looking at Highgrove House's website to see what I can do to help out the impoverished Prince of Wales by buying something from his on-line shop.

There is so much there to satisfy the purse of any ardent Royalist. Me? I was particularly drawn to a Coronation Baby Hamper - a snip at £215. For that you get a small wicker basket with leather straps containing:
* Limited edition red and gold embroidered Coronation decoration.
* Fine bone china Coronation golden carriage mug.
* Lambswool and angora Coronation baby blanket.
* Fully jointed Baby Bear made with antique gold mohair.

As they rightly point out, this would be a gift to be treasured for years to come. It's a pity that I'm such an uncaring grandfather, otherwise I'd buy one for our recent arrival, Molly, to puke over.

I must say that I doff my cap to Charlie Boy for giving us the opportunity to buy so much commemorative tat. No, he's not cashing in on the birth of his grandson. He's just giving us plebs the opportunity to show our loyalty - and empty our purses and wallets. Royal Baby Commemorative Pillbox anyone?

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