Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Last Post - but not yet.

I was heartened to read recently on the BBC website (so it must be true) of another study adding weight to the idea that dementia onset can be delayed by certain lifestyle factors. This one presents data from US researchers suggesting that keeping mentally active by reading books or writing letters (and, by implication, blogs) helps protect the brain in old age. A lifetime of mental challenges, the authors deduce, leads to slower cognitive decline.  That's good news and could mean that I'll never have to conclude my blogging activities with something along the following lines:

Dear thingamabobs,
Regretfully I must let you know that I am stopping writing my wotsit. I have recently been diagnosed with something or other that affects my memory, vocabulary and accordion. This often results in me losing the thread of whatever task I am involved in, repeating myself or simply repeating myself. I have also developed a tendency to repeat myself and to leave sentences half. As you can imagine, this is making writing my whatchamacallit extremely thingy. Or, at least, I imagine it is. I can't really remember. This problem is made worse by a tendency to lose the thread of whatever task I am involved in and repeat myself. So, to summarise, I would be most grateful if I could be excused gym this afternoon as I've left my daps at home.


(Disclaimer: To avoid any misunderstandings or offence, I must add that this post does not refer to any real person, alive or dead. Neither should it be taken as undervaluing people with dementia or similar conditions. To the contrary, I salute them. In fact, some of my best friends - who may even be readers of this blog - have lost, or are losing, their marbles.)

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