Sunday, 3 November 2013

St David's 2013: Finale

A short post to bring our St David's sojourn to a close. We decided to stop off for a night at Laugharne to pay a very small homage to Dylan Thomas.
This is the Boathouse garage/shed in which DT wrote Under Milk Wood. Although set in Llareggub (read it backwards) it was based on Laugharne and its characters.
DT was an inveterate editor of his own works and went through many drafts before he was satisfied. These are the waste bins into which he threw his discarded manuscripts (allegedly).
Even normally rational people are seized by the poetic muse when within the orbit of DT's writing desk.
The view from the main tower of Laugharne Castle looking down the estuary towards Pendine Sands.
And on the domestic front, I will add that the B & B, the Boathouse (no, not THE Boathouse) we stayed at was excellent and very reasonably priced. We'd recommend it. We'd also recommend the place where we ate: the Cors Restaurant. Shabby chic d├ęcor, a slightly louche but very friendly chef/patron and excellent food (the hot smoked salmon and salt-marsh lamb that I had are amongst the best I've had anywhere). All that and an eclectic compilation of smokey-lounge music playing in the background (I've clipped in tracks from Leonard Cohen and Matthew E White below to give a flavour of what I mean). All together a very nice way to celebrate a birthday (not mine) and to bring our break to an end.

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