Saturday, 30 November 2013

The antidote to Slade's 'Merry Xmas'
I've mentioned my favourite podcast a few times previously - The Best Radio Show You Have Never Heard - and its producer and host Perry Bax has just created a full composite of the Who's Tommy that encompasses the masterpiece from its inception to this year's remastered release. He has combined tracks from a variety of sources, including:
• the 2013 remaster
• demos, outtakes & unreleased tracks from The Who and Pete Townshend
• live tracks from the 1969 - 70 Tommy tour

The episode is called Smash The Mirror - Tommy Reconstructed and it really is very good. In fact, I'd forgotten how good Tommy is as I haven't listened to it in its entirety for years. It's going to be a main part of my Xmas 2013 Soundtrack (Yaa boo sucks to Slade, Wham, Wizard, Band Aid and all other purveyors of seasonal muzak dross) and, for those interested, here is the track listing - as if you'll need any inducement. Enjoy.

1. Overture (live) - The Who
2. It's A Boy (live) - The Who
3. 1929 - Pete Townshend
4. Amazing Journey (live) - The Who
5. Sparks (live) - The Who
6. The Hawker / Eyesight To The Blind (live) - Pete Townshend
7. Christmas - (live) - The Who
8. Cousin Kevin Model Child - The Who
9. Cousin Kevin - The Who
10. The Acid Queen - The Who
11. Underture (live) - The Who
12. Do You Think It's Alright? - Pete Townshend
13. Fiddle About (live) - The Who
14. Pinball Wizard - Pete Townshend
15. There's A Doctor - Pete Townshend
16. Go To The Mirror (live) - The Who
17. Success - Pete Townshend
18. Tommy Can You Hear Me? - Pete Townshend
19. Smash The Mirror - Pete Townshend
20. Sensation - Pete Townshend
21. Miracle Cure - Pete Townshend
22. Miss Simpson - The Who
23. I'm Free (live) - The Who
24. Welcome - The Who
25. Tommy's Holiday Camp (live) - The Who
26. We're Not Gonna Take It (alt) - The Who
27. See Me, Feel Me (live) - The Who
28. Trying To Get Through - The Who

Gulp! I've just realised that next year is the 50th anniversary of the first time I saw them - at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. Suddenly I feel so old.

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