Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The truth is out there..somewhere.

According to one theory, there are an infinite number of universes, which in turn means that all possible things which can potentially happen do in fact happen somewhere in the infinite multiverse, no matter how implausible or unlikely. It's mind boggling to think that there is a universe somewhere where there are actually more LibDem MPs in England than pandas. And there's the Corbyn Dimension where Labour MPs support their leader. There’s also a universe where the Daily Mail is a really good newspaper, although quantum physicists consider this to be far less plausible than the universe where the Daily Express publishes an editorial begging the UK Government to allow in more asylum seekers from countries which Westminster has bombed and invaded. And somewhere way out in space, there's the most singular universe of all, the blessed land where our politicians are truthful, objective and rather bland.

You know, I really wish there was less passion in politics and more cool logic; less evangelism and more data; less hyperbole and more matter-of-factness. Unthinking passion has brought the Labour Party to its knees and, as the success of the Brexiteers shows, threatens to do the same to the country. The exploitation of unthinking passion could bring the USA to contemplate a Trump presidency. Faced with all this, I find myself hungering for dry analyses and thirsting for bloodless lucidity. I admire, more than ever, those with obscure technical knowledge and the hard-won skills needed to actually make progress, rather than merely promise it. But don't ask me to name any from the current bunch of tossers who purport to represent us. I really can't and I find that rather disconcerting. Spirit of Clem Atlee, where are you in our hour of need?

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