Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Some pleasant interludes

BBC television in the 1950's (it was the only channel available for years) was so steamy that they had to calm viewers down by showing short restful 'interludes' between programmes. A potter's wheel, a windmill, a spinning wheel and, rather more frenetic, the London to Brighton train journey in four minutes. We knew how to live then. Confession time: the first time I did the London to Brighton trip to see Nan Parsons, I was very disappointed when it took a lot longer than the four minutes I was expecting. Where has my innocence gone? You know, I think the idea of an interlude could be usefully adopted nowadays. Lots of people would get more pleasure from watching a windmill than The X-Factor or a potter's wheel rather than Poldark. Or is that rather too phallic an association?

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