Friday, 2 December 2016

A circular walk from Golberdon.

If I were writing copy for a touristy piece, I'd be describing where our group walked today as "a forgotten and undiscovered part of Cornwall". And so it may be. But I'd describe it as "a walk on our doorstep" as we started and ended in the village of Golberdon, just 2 miles from Chez Parsons. You don't have to travel far for a good walk.
We started and ended our walk at the Village Hall in Golberdon. Around 5.5 miles, it was off the beaten track and gave us a tranquil meander along quiet lanes, across meadows and alongside the River Lynher.
A cold grey morning with views enhanced by river valley mists and low clouds
Every now and again there'd be shafts of light streaming down through the greyness
Looking towards Caradon Hill on the edge of Bodmin Moor. It's difficult to imagine that 150 years ago the landscape would have been blighted with the smoking chimneys of the mining industry
Pretty much the same view as above but from a different perspective and taken in the early afternoon when the sun was starting to burn off the mists
Mid-morning view of the River Lynher from the bridge near Golberdon
Not the sort of sheep you expect to come across in these parts. This is a rare breed Hebridean Sheep. Funnily enough, in all of our travels on the various islands in the Outer Hebrides, we've never knowingly seen this. Apparently their fleeces are in demand for the quality of the wool and the meat tastes pretty good as well.
Icicles in a small quarry which probably was the source of the building materials for the nearby farm buildings
Lunchtime and the lane was so quiet that sitting in the road was not a problem
A late flowering Periwinkle (Vinca minor)
And an early flowering Camelia
One of the more unusual cottage names we came across. No idea what it means but I'm pretty certain it has nothing to do with Harry Potter as the building has been there for at least a couple of centuries
I never get tired of the challenge of getting decent images of birds in flight. This Grey Heron obliged by flying around in plain sight as I adjusted the settings on my DSLR. This is one of 60 shots I fired off in rapid succession.
One Landrover with horsetrailer stuck in mud. Two men scratching their heads wondering what to do. Enter Mandy from our group who takes charge and tells them what to do. It would have been easier if they had listened to her right away but they got there eventually
Some melted frost on a hawthorn twig. And what's that caught as a reflection?
It was me!

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