Saturday, 6 February 2010

So that's the current rugby season finished

The current 6 Nations Rugby Championship got underway today with a resounding defeat of Wales by England. My interest in the season is now at an end. As long as I can remember, I've always held the view that as long as England gets beaten, the fate of Wales is almost immaterial. A win is great but a defeat can always be rationalised to acceptability. This was the view of everyone in 'my' part of South Wales and some 60 years on I still choose to hold to it.

I'm not a great sports fan and have little time for the professional sports celebrity. I think they are over-paid and over-indulged, particulalry footballers. Consider the antics of John Terry, or rather, let's not consider the antics of John Terry. Let's ignore him completely and pass on to the days when I did actually did enjoy professional football.

When did it all end? When the team I supported, Newport County, was relegated from thefourth division of the Football League. That would be around 1980. Until then, I'd visited Somerton Park on a regular basis and can remember getting vaguely excited at the prospect of watching a match there. A wonderfully basic ground, nestling 'twixt railway line and glue factory. Railway sleepers formed the terrace and the single grandstand was grand in name only. It seems so very old fashioned now. Old fashioned and very nostgalgic.

And this might be the only time I blog about sport!

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