Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A must-have accessory for your i-Pod/i-Phone/i-Whatever

I'm sure it's a problem we've all come up against every now and again.  When we are in the bathroom, whether we are bathing, shaving, washing our hair or, erm, sat down pondering life's mysteries, it's so relaxing to have a little background music.  In the latter case, your trouser pockets are probably somewhere near your shoes or your dress is tucked around your waist.  Either way, you have to hold your iPod or iPhone in your hand or balance it nearby precariously and risk it falling off into the bath, sink, or somewhere else that I really don't want to think about.

You'll be relieved to hear that we need struggle no longer: help is at hand.  If you are not already aware of it, let me introduce you to the new number one (or should that be "number two"?) iPod accessory - the iCarta 2.  Flushed with the success of their excellent iPod docks and other sensible items, the iCarta designers sat down, had a good think and came up with this 21st century addition to the smallest room.  It will surely wipe away those bathroom blues.
The iCarta 2 acts as a docking station for your iPod and/or iPhone and it comes with a set of adaptors to make sure your gizmo is a nice snug fit.  It even has a USB connector, an line-in socket and Bluetooth.  All that and rechargeable batteries, so there are no risky mains leads trailing in the bathroom.  Ooops, nearly forgot to mention that the iCarta 2 has 4 (yes, four! Count em!) speakers - two tweeters and two woofers - all moisture proof to cope with those steamy bathroom situations.  There's no need to strain your (r)ears as the sound reproduction does a thoroughly good job of playing your favourite tracks, whether they be Handel's Water Music, "Push It" by Salt 'N Pepa, something by Squeeze or maybe a cheery ditty from South Park's Mr Hankey. And, if you hadn't noticed from the photo, it is a handy toilet roll dispenser as well!

A great idea and you can get the full specification here.  Those with a penchant for toilet humour might muse on a more appropriate name than iCarta.  How about the iPoo'ed or i-Wipe or i-Wee'd or i-Flush or i-Bum or ........?

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