Monday, 9 December 2013

Derek Acorah......again.

Schadenfreude n: Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. Something I try not to indulge in but I do make an exception in the case of Derek Acorah. Of course if he was a thousandth as good a psychic as he would have us believe he is, he would have seen his recent brush with the boys in blue coming. Indeed, if we take his writings at face value, he actually chose to take the path he did. In which case I do hope that the presiding judge does what he can to help Derek achieve the growth of his soul he so obviously desires.

" is my belief that before we enter our physical lives we choose the  way in which we will live those lives. We choose the burdens we will have to carry, the things we will have to endure and also the manner of our passing".
"..................people have to undergo certain harsh experiences in their lifetime in order to achieve soul growth. In other words, they had agreed to these experiences before they had incarnated into their physical bodies".

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