Monday, 16 December 2013

RIP: The Amazing Mr Smith

Sad news today of the death of someone I used to work with many years ago during my time at the Wellcome Research Laboratories in Beckenham. Then he was a technician in the Biochemistry Department and known as Derek Smith. However his alter-ego was The Amazing Mr Smith, an accomplished musician and eccentric comedian. Think of a musical amalgam of Spike Milligan, Micheal Bentine and Monty Python and you won't be far off. He was well known on the folk club circuit and, by all accounts, he had quite an international following as well. I saw him perform a few times and he had that rare ability to make me laugh out loud. He will be fondly remembered by all who knew him.

And through the wonders of YouTube, we can all see him in action. The first clip is a compilation of snatches of several of his best routines,  including Duelling Banjos, The Condom Bagpipes, The Condom Harp and The Cuckoo Clock. And the second clip is of him playing Mull of Kintyre on a condom. To paraphrase the old saying You don't have to be completely mad to appreciate the Amazing Mr Smith but it certainly helps.

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