Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pigs' 'Ere Blog Part 2: The choice is made......

Tangible progress has been made on the Pig Project in the past few days and here's a quick summary.
1.  We have an 'official' name necessary for managing our finances. We progress under the banner of Pigs' 'Ere - hence the change to the title of the blog.
2.  We have selected the breed we are going for.  Because of the taste of the finished product, their robust and docile nature and the fact that we'd be helping with the sustainability of a rare breed, we'll be buying in some British Lop weaners.
3.  We have a local supplier: Giles Eustice of Trevaskis Farm near Hayle, further west in Cornwall. Giles' family has been farming in that area for several hundred years and it's great to feel that we are tapping into that provenance.
The seven weaners we'll be buying will be arriving in the middle of April so over the next few weeks we'll be finishing the preparations for their arrival. We've got arks, feeding troughs, drinking points, bedding material and food to get. Looks like we'll be busy but it is exciting to be this close to realising a dream. And off I trot to do some research on pork recipes in anticipation of our Autumnal feasting. Yum.

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