Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Short break at Boscundle Manor near St Austell

We've just enjoyed a short break at Boscundle Manor, just outside of St Austell. St Austell? Why St Austell of all places? Because we got a good deal and the place came highly recommended by some discerning friends (yes, we do have some). In the event they were spot on and we'd recommend the place as well.

Just two nights but we managed to wander around the old china clay port at Charlestown, walked a 6.5 mile stretch of the Coastal Footpath from Fowey west to Porthmear and spend a morning at the Lost Gardens of Heligan and Mevagissey. All-in-all, an extremely pleasurable way of spending 48 hours. Can't wait for the next time.
Sailing ships in the harbour at Charlestown. No longer a working port but making a good living as an attraction for tourists and film makers.
A turreted toilet at Readymoney Cove near Fowey. Note that the public convenience is boarded up as a cost saving measure by Cornwall Council. If you come to Cornwall, keep your fingers crossed for the weather and your legs crossed until you come to a toilet that's open.
Looking east back up the estuary to whence we started our walk. Fowey to the left and Polruan to the right.
Looking west to where we are heading. In the far distance is the outline of Dodman's Point.
Odd things by the wayside Part 1: a surfing doggy thing, carefully placed by the side of the path.
My recent fence building exploits have added a new, and pleasurable, dimension to my walks. I can now view other fencers' efforts with the eye of a professional. Not a bad job of work here although a few points are lost because the joints have been machined. Only a mallet and chisel are good enough for we purists.
Here the boardwalk had been shifted several feet inland by the recent storms.
Despite any signs of a source of illumination, many people think that this structure on Gribbin Head is a lighthouse. It's not: it's a navigational daymark. Sail towards it and bear right for Fowey and left for Charlestown.
I spy a tea shop over there!
Looking back - and down - on Polkerris. Quite a small place but with a decent pub and café on the beach.
Odd things by the wayside Part 2: a small hairbrush stuck into a gatepost.
A nice specimen of the Scarlet elf cup (Sarcoscypha coccinea). Not uncommon and tends to occur in isolated groups. It grows on rotting wood and is a member of the Discomycetes, having a disc shaped fruiting body.
The Giant's Head sculpture at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Not at its best this time of year but you do get a good idea of its shape before the growth really takes over.
Heligan looking, mmm, green.
Just one of the many batches of chestnut mushrooms growing in the mushroom shed. All destined for the on-site restaurant.

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