Saturday, 25 June 2016

A postcard for Europe

 Following the referendum results, much as I feel inclined to take to my bed for a decade or so, I am trying my best to cut myself off from reality (if 52% of electors can do it, why shouldn't I?) and engage in some distraction activities. What better than to dip back into Mabel and Dolph's postcard collection? At least 100 years old, maybe, but it always seems to come up with something relevant to current events. Here's one for all those who seem inclined towards the building of walls: it reminds us that "walls are easy things to mount".
Taking up that verse on the postcard, maybe "Fond embraces, a la squeeze" is just the kind of thing we should be offering to the rest of Europe at the moment? It certainly looks as if they are not going to take on the role of a sleeping aunty whilst we fiddle around.

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