Tuesday, 28 June 2016

What else? The Eu Referendum aftermath

Does anyone have any idea yet of what’s going to happen to the country over the coming weeks, even the coming days? Because the British government and the official opposition sure as hell don’t. They’re more concerned about their own parties and their own careers than they are about Britain’s impending flouncing off from the EU, Scotland becoming independent, the Northern Irish peace process being sacrificed or an economy that’s on the skids. It’s easier for them that way: when you’re facing a catastrophe of unthinkable proportions, it’s a lot easier to argue about the colour of the wallpaper in the Cabinet meeting room than to try and wrap your head around the enormity of the mess that you’re responsible for. Let's face it, the entire political establishment is in meltdown,

Vote Leave seem to have wiped out the hopes of a generation, wiped out the United Kingdom as a union, wiped out any chance of an open tolerant and inclusive country and now they’ve doctored their website too. They don’t want anyone reminding them of all the lies they told and the dubious promises that they made in order to win the EU referendum. Uncomfortable promises like the one they made to invest £350 million a week in the NHS, promises that they’re now frantically trying to deny that they ever made in the first place.

We are all discovering that Boris Johnson, that famous scholar of the Classics, failed to explain before the referendum that Brexit was actually Ancient Greek for “OMG, I don’t have a clue what to do now”. What degree of selfish entitlement does it take to lead an entire campaign to take the UK out of the EU, and not to have a clue about what to do once you get the result you campaigned for? I’m not entirely sure but that’s because I never went to Eton. Boris doesn’t bother his tousled head about little details like what comes after a vote, about ensuring that policies are in place, because that would be work, and he has always had flunkies for that sort of thing.

The Labour party seems to be totally incapable of taking advantage of the Tory disarray by putting forward a positive vision for the future because they are far too busy with yet another of their interminable civil wars. This time the Shadow Cabinet hasn’t bothered merely to stab Jeremy Corbyn in the back, they’ve stabbed him in the back, in the front and sideways. Jezza has been forced to appoint a whole slew of non-entities to the shadow cabinet to replace the non-entities who have just left. In fact, I was surprised I didn't get a call from him today. How will it all end?
Posh Dave and George didn’t have any contingency plans for what to do if the vote went against them, because they believed that their own arrogance was all that they needed to carry the day. The last few days have shown up the elite of the British establishment to be culpable of the most tragic display of ineptitude since British generals sent men 'over the top' at the Battle of the Somme (the 100th 'anniversary' of which is coincidentally round about now) There are orang utangs swinging through the trees in Borneo who demonstrate a higher level of forward planning than Posh Dave and George. Orang utangs at least ensure that they have a branch to cling onto. Posh Dave and George don’t even have a withered fig leaf. 

The only politician in the entire country who has any plan, who has the remotest idea of how to get out of this sorry and entirely unnecessary mess is Nicola Sturgeon. Go, girl, go. Show them all darn sarf how to do it.

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