Tuesday, 21 June 2016

For ecclesiopiscinoaquariophiles everywhere

All church water storage enthusiasts (or ecclesiopiscinoaquariophiles to give us our formal title) will know the excitement of happening upon a hitherto unvisited water tank. So it was one day when, in a location in West Cornwall, my IWC and I came across a beautiful riveted galvanised tank. 
Having run my trembling fingers over the smooth, yet sensual, button Jasper rivets, with a sense of rising excitement I noticed something special lurking under the water-line; something that all water storage tank enthusiasts dream of - oh it couldn't be... surely not! But it was! For what I saw was one of the rarest and most cherished of water storage features - a Cratchet bracing bar!
"It's a Cratchet bar!" I shouted with jubilation as I danced about. "A Cratchet bar, hurrah!"

My companion shook her head, rolled her eyes and slowly backed away.

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