Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Trouble With Blogging

I think we've got a really good group of friends and it is always fun meeting up and finding out what has been happening to each other. But when it comes to my stories and news, I often find that I've got nothing to add.

“You just would not believe what I saw recently on a walk from Plymbridge”.
“We know, a peregrine falcon, we read the blog.”

“And the time we were walking from Princetown”.
“We know, you thought you saw a marsh harrier. We read the blog.”

“Did you hear about the trip we took to Alaska?”
“Yes, you saw all sorts of animals. We read your blog”.

“What about our cruise to…”
“The Kenai Fjords? We read your blog!”

“What about the caribou?”
Blog…read it.”

“Cake recipe?”
“Read it.”

“My views on the EU referendum?”.

“Our pigs?”
“And your camera battery going flat? We read your blog".

I hate this. I've got nothing new to say. I need to stop this blog or get friends who can’t read (which is my preferred option).

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