Monday, 1 October 2012

Autumn in New England: Part 4

The day started so well with a walk around the lake, surrounded as it was by trees showing the complete spectral range of autumnal hues. Then catastrophe - in the form of breakfast. I'd ended the previous day with a promise to myself that, for the rest of our stay, I would be abstemious when it came to food. But, when faced with the Blueberry Inn breakfast fare, my resolve crumbled. My downward slide started slowly with fresh fruit and melon and accelerated a little when the plate of biscuity scones containing blueberries, raspberries, cranberries or strawberries was passed around. I applied the brakes gently and had a bowl of yoghurt and granola (and what granola! With toasted coconut, cranberries and, I suspect but was afraid to ask, a generous coating of maple syrup). But then the speed increased to maximum when the fluffy blueberry pancakes, crispy smoked bacon and maple syrup came out! 10 out of 10 for good intentions: 0 out of 10 for resolve. Perhaps our walk would burn off some of the calories?

The weather was not good again - rain and mist - but we decided to continue with our planned walk. This was to take us along part of the Appalachian Trail and 100-Mile Trail along a section called the Chittenden Brook route. Up into the woods with a gentle incline for perhaps 4 miles, followed by a much steeper descent along the, presumably, Chittenden Brook. Lots more leaves and lots of interesting fungi (and I'm interested in fungi!). The rain stopped towards the end and we were able to lunch without our food being soaked. Yes, more food but a relatively modest affair with rolls, fruit and cookies. From there it was a short step (well 2 miles) along a track to the car. About 7.5 miles in total so we felt we'd had a good stretch.

Then it was off to our next B & B, the Foxhill Inn. Another extremely good quality inn with a very welcoming host and hostess. Excellent room with the biggest jacuzzi bath I've seen in a long while. We were due to eat at the inn but due to a slight problem (the hostess had forgotten to pick up a package of salmon when she was shopping for the meal) we had to go to a neighbouring resort hotel for our dinner. Very tasty but somewhat over-rich. But no resolutions from me tonight. Tomorrow is another day - with more gastronomic challenges. Why am I expecting yet another trencherman's breakfast?

Foxhill Inn somewhere in rural Vermont

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