Friday, 26 October 2012

Tribute Bands? Weird!

We've just had a flyer from the Wharf Theatre at Tavistock detailing the delights in store for its patrons between now and the beginning of next year. In summary, low on things that we'd go to see but high, high, high on tribute bands.
If I were being intemperate, I'd say something along the lines of: "I hate tribute bands and I think they are creatively bankrupt parasites, leeching off the talent and success of others. People who pay good money to see one of the plethora of Abba/Pink Floyd/Rolling Stones acts peddle their wares are the most musically conservative dullards around. They deserve to have their ears confiscated".
However, as I'm feeling mellow today, I'll put my uncharitable comments on the shelf  - for now. I've seen a few such bands in my time but I've never been able to suspend my disbelief long enough to feel that I've attended a concert that never actually took place - which must be the sole reason for going to a tribute band concert. They are not my cup of tea but plenty of people go to see them. Why? It escapes me completely. Most of the bands do not do the real thing justice and don't even look like the original members. For heaven's sake, some of them wear wigs! Just take a look at the photo of the AC/DC tribute band, Live Wire, who will be playing at Tavistock soon. Has Angus Young ever had a beard like that? Are the beards real?

Maybe I'm missing a trick and I should be taking advantage of the obvious demand for this genre. Perhaps there's an opportunity for me to display my modest (very modest) piano talents and form my very own one-man tribute band. Anyone want a ticket for the debut of Crap Loussier?

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