Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Stuck at Dublin Airport

Well, here we are stuck at Dublin Logan Airport as our onward flight to Bristol has been delayed by around 3 hours. The reason given? "Operational delays". Whatever that may mean. After an overnight flight from Boston, we are not pleased. Aren't we the ungrateful ones? After all, they've given us a breakfast voucher in compensation for the inconvenience. A great pity there's only one place to redeem it as we are in departure bay purdah - we can't go back into the main body of the terminal to take advantage of the better facilities on offer there.

But, wait! There is more. The flight has been cancelled and now we are being a much later flight to Cardiff and then a bus back to Bristol to pick up the car. And the alternative? Er, there isn't one. So, Cardiff here we come and goodbye to Aer Lingus as we'll never fly with them again. I'll accept that operational problems do arise and that cancellations are sometimes necessary. But there is no excuse for keeping passengers in the dark about what's going on.

And what 5 things have I found to do when stuck at an airport?

1. Fume.
2. Fume.
3. Fume.
4. Fume.
5. Fume.

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