Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Joy of the Jubilee continues

I've been remembering those heady days of June when the entire nation convulsed in mass hysteria over the Diamond Jubilee. I admit that I was also swept away by the emotion of the occasion and built my own tribute to QEII in my veg plot - a commemorative compost bin (as described in my June 2nd posting). It was emptying out the bin today that brought it all flooding back to me.

This was the first lot of the brown stuff that I'd removed since I dedicated the bin to her maj and what a regal batch it is, too. Fit for a queen? Perhaps. But certainly fit enough to be spread over my Keir Hardy Memorial Flower Bed, There to provide sustenance for my republican roses, democratic dahlias and proletariat paeonies.

Given the rather good job I made of constructing the bin and the loyalty of my gesture, I'm wondering whether I'd be eligible for a Royal Warrant for my efforts. I think the plaque would look rather good above our front door.

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