Friday, 12 October 2012

It's like floating on air.

Choosing an air mattress is not an easy task and I've lost countless hours of sleep over making the right choice. To save others the agony of worrying about the right decision, I can offer some advice based on my considerable researches.

Is the air mattress long enough? It’s easy to forget to consider how long the mattress is as you look at all the other features. Be sure to take into account who will be sleeping on the air bed before making your purchase. Hopefully you will already know the approximate height of any family and friends who might use the mattress so finding out doesn’t delay your purchase. Don’t assume all beds are the same length. Different manufacturers have different lengths so double check the packaging information or even measure the bed yourself.
Does the mattress include an automatic or manual pump? Air mattresses require a lot of air to fill up. You will need some type of pump unless you have very strong lungs. Don’t rule the mattress out if it doesn’t include an automatic air pump. You can always buy one individually. Electric models are either battery operated or operate on your household electric supply. The easiest model to use is the one that plugs into the wall outlet and is considered automatic.
Is the Air Mattress Portable and Easy To Store? If you are going to use the mattress every night you will want to store it easily during the day to free up room space. You may even want to take the mattress with you when you travel so being able to roll it up and carry it to your vehicle easily may be an important feature for you. Form follows function. Never forget this simple credo as you decide which product is best.
How high is the air mattress? Some people like the elderly or those fighting medical issues have problems getting into and out of a low bed. If you have the option it is a good investment to get a thicker or higher air mattress.

If you think about these four features in a logical sequence they will help you select the very best air mattress for your needs. Of course, you can save yourself the hassle and get a proper bed. In fact, do yourself and others a favour and forget all about an air mattress.

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Rambler said...

If you are having a couple as guests, don't buy a double air bed; buy 2 singles. I speak from experience! Absolute hysteria was caused when my OH and I trialled our new double airbed on a busy campsite in Dorset, He got into bed; I followed - and he shot off the other side. He scrambled back on - and we met in the middle, in the valley with both sides billowing up either side of us. Let's let some air out! Oops! Pulled out the plug - and the biggest fart you ever heard went echoing around the campsite. Muffled giggles were heard - but we were choking on the cloud of chalky dust that came out of the hole and trying vainly to ram the plug back in. Much more to recount, but you get the gist? Don't do it!