Sunday, 4 August 2013

Feeling crusty!

Yesterday was the day of the Stoke Climsland Flower Show and, as is becoming a custom, I entered some bread in various categories.  A few prizes came my way but not, to my chagrin, for my wholemeal loaves. Boo hoo! I wuz robbed.
Each show leaves me with a pile of day-old bread that has been standing in a hot tent all day. What to do with it? Put it out for the birds? Nah, they can fend for themselves at this time of year. Make an enormous Bread Pudding that's what! This is soul food but not for the diet conscious or the faint hearted.
And my IGC won prizes for her rather excellent Madeira Cake and a display of three dahlias. A good day all around for the Parsons household - but we won't let the success go to our heads. We'll still speak to our friends although a little extra deference from them might be in order. And pigs might fly.

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