Monday, 26 August 2013

To the woods, to the woods......

.....for an evening's entertainment with a difference. A production by the Rogue Theatre entitled 'Wild Woodland Summer Ball'. The publicity told us we could expect: "a family adventure with an immersive journey through the trees of Tehidy Woods with a gathering of storytelling, song and dance. There will be live music, stories, performance, acrobatics, dancing, free face painting, and the chance to create something wild and wonderful in a free woodland craft workshop".

Mmmm....fairies, dance, family entertainment, children, face painting.......not my usual thing and I'll confess to having mixed feelings about going. But I have to say that it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I use the word 'experience' deliberately. There was far more to it than just going along to see an outdoor play.

The stage was set in a clearing in one of Cornwall's country parks - Trehidy Woods near Portreath - and was reached by a meandering path through the trees, with a few encounters on the way with characters we'd see later on as the stories unfurled. We entered the stage area through a door guarded by the King of the Woods (whose style more than nodded in the direction of Jack Sparrow) signifying our passage from this world to another - and ones in between. I think the 'play' would be best described as a series of stories presented as tableaux with music and dancing. All were good but some were stronger than others: the best of the evening was pirate themed. Lots of 'aars', swashbuckling, rousing songs and humour. Oh to be that young and exuberant again. Who am I kidding? I was never that exuberant. Once the exuberance was over, it was going home time. Back through the now dark woods along a lanterned trail. A atmospheric end to the evening. Do go along if you have a chance and certainly look out for any future Rogue Theatre productions.

Postscript: We talked to the director's mum and she revealed that he had once been in Pobol-y-Cwm. Respect!

Approaching the stage area
The moon was a central reference point throughout the evening

The pirates being exuberant as only pirates can be

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