Monday, 12 August 2013

It all starts here...or yer.

I'm often accused (and you know who you are) of being imprecise when it comes to giving directions. Nay, I say, imprecise? Moi? Never! I adhere strictly to the Welsh Directional Code as illustrated below. Easy to understand and crystal clear. What could be simpler? Everything is relative to 'here' or, to be more linguistically accurate, 'yer'. And we all know where 'yer' is, don't we? And if we are not 'yer', we must be 'there'. Easy peasy. 
Thinking about the pronunciation of 'here', I came across this snippet: "It is uniquely Welsh to insert a 'y' sound at the start of the word here. This was at one time a feature of speech in England across much of the West Country and south-west Midlands, but it is much scarcer now, other than among older speakers in rural areas. In Wales, however, particularly in the Valleys, it remains typical of speakers of all ages and for many the words ear, here, hear and year are all pronounced identically". It makes sense to me.

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