Thursday, 1 August 2013

Royal Birth Tat

For those Royalists who are sartorially challenged, an offering from Private Eye.
That's it. No more mention of the Royal Birth. Bored, bored, bored.
But this Private Eye offer brings to mind the issue when they were selling World War 1 for £4 million. It was around 1966/67 when I was a callow student. I sent them a cheque for the said amount but they never cashed it. A good thing really as I only had about £2 in my account at the time. And I'm not sure my landlady (Mrs Rowland, 6, Sea View Place, Aberystwyth) could have coped with all those soldiers in her living room. She found four students hard enough at the best of times. Mind you, a couple of her greasy breakfasts and an armistice would have been called pretty quickly. They certainly wouldn't have gone over the top for her fried bread.

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