Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Senior-friendly toys for grandchildren

It's always great fun having the grandchildren around but it's a challenge providing them with fresh and stimulating things to play with. It's an even bigger challenge finding toys that render them more 'senior-friendly'. You can imagine my joy when I happened across this range of Control Toys from a Brazilian company. There's something there to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of each of our six. My cheque is in the post!

The publicity says 'the end of suffering at meal times'. Could be a boon when the pasta is flying about the kitchen. I believe the manacles can come in pink or blue - allowing for that special personalisation touch.

No more running about the house with this 250 kg play ball. Give the child an umbrella and put him/her in the garden and it's safe fun for all weathers - and peaceful indoors. Especially useful if you want to pop out to the supermarket but don't want the hassle of taking them.
Keeps those prying little fingers away from mischief and out of where they shouldn't be - like my prize collection of antique tea cosies and nanny's cake tin.
A modern twist on an old theme. Don't limit your grandchild's playing, just limit their space. Can be painted to blend in with your d├ęcor. Available with a time lock option if you feel you might too easily give in to pleas for liberation.

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