Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bilge warning! Avoid this book like the plague

Recently I saw Derek Acorah's book 'Haunted' in a supermarket bargain bin. I say 'bargain' bin but at 25p, it was 25p too much. I bought it because I'd vaguely heard of Derek Acorah and it was cheap - a possible disposable read for a flight? I thought it would be amusing and for the most part I was right. But not for the reasons the author intended. The first chapter for example, offers up the gem "...at times I come across spirit beings who are behaving in an anti-social manner" Huh? You don't say, Derek. 

A few chapters later this paragraph popped up: "I explained to Terry that, difficult though it might be to come to terms with, it is my belief that before we enter our physical lives we choose the way in which we will live those lives. We choose the burdens we will have to carry, the things we will have to endure and also the manner of our passing"

How naive I thought. Actually, I was less charitable than that:how mind bogglingly stupid I thought. He clearly hasn't considered stuff like death in childhood, brutal murder or rape. Oh, I was wrong. It turns out he has, because in the next chapter he talks to a woman whose father raped her throughout her childhood and writes: "As Nancy related this story to me I realised that unfortunately this was a case where people have to undergo certain harsh experiences in their lifetime in order to achieve soul growth. In other words, they had agreed to these experiences before they had incarnated into their physical bodies".

At this point the book went from the bargain bin to the recycling bin. Let's hope it comes back as something more useful. Ditto that for Acorah when he passes in the manner of his choosing.

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