Thursday, 3 October 2013

Canadian Observations: Part 2 - Fishy Tales

I came to the conclusion that Canadians love fish: actually it's more than that - they dote on fish. And the welfare standards they set for their piscine inhabitants are nothing short of inspirational. Let me give you just two examples I encountered on our travels.

What do they do with fish which are stressed with modern life? They give them sanctuary, that's what. They fence off areas of tranquil lakes, provide subdued lighting and play ambient music. Everything a fish could need to calm its ruffled fins.
And rather than release them back into the wild too prematurely after they have rediscovered their inner fish, they have a period of rehabilitation in another specialist area. Here, their strength is built up and they learn to interact constructively with other species. Counselling is provided by social worker fish (recognisable by their natty denim dungaree outfits) and case study managers.
And when they are fully recovered and completely at ease with themselves, they are released back into the wild. There to be caught, filleted and eaten by people like me. Feast your eyes on this plate of home smoked walleye. Does anything taste better than a totally relaxed fish? I think not!  
*  For those who don't know, a walleye is a fresh water fish indigenous to the northern states of the USA and Canada. It's also known as a pickerel.
** Many thanks to Mary and Frank for the fish (smoked in Frank's home smoker).

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