Saturday, 12 October 2013

Let's raise a glass, or two, to Jumbo

As a finale (and I do mean finale. Honest. I'm just about Jumbo'd out) to the Jumbo thread, I was mightily amused to come across two elephant-related products of the Railway City Brewing Company of St Thomas. The first is Dead Elephant Ale. As well as the delightfully irreverent connotations of the name, I also liked their description of the label: "The design embodies a larger than life elephant riding the rails to his demise. Elements include a large circus tent, flags, banners, spikes and railway track flying apart". For those who want to know these things, the label artwork was the work of Billie Janes of Hardcore Tattoos in downtown St Thomas. Has any local beer lover got this tattooed on their body, I wonder? Probably.

What comes after Dead Elephant Ale? What else but Double Dead Elephant Ale? Double in the sense of higher alcohol content and a more bitter taste. Will there be a triple dead elephant ale at some stage?

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